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#240 - zergiel
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(02/03/2013) [-]
>be me in 5th grade
>very quite so don't have many friends
>bullied by this chick and her gang, calling me a nerd and stuff
>don't mind her cause I'm still best in my class
>things start to get worse, teacher is unaware cause the bitch is pretty good at acting
>stabs me with a pencil in the hand one day, little blood, acts like she did nothing and her friends back her up
>don't do **** cause taught not to hit girls
>tell it to my mom, she says to me "If she tries to do something to you again you hit her back or I'll kick your ass myself, see who are you afraid of more"
>next day, music class, teacher is a bro and knows about the bullying, starts giving speech about respect and ****, i'm sitting behind her
>remember my moms words and anger starts building up
>suddenly she turns around and threatens me with the spike of a compass
>I stand up and put my fist up at her
>she says to everyone "he's not gonna do it, he can't"
>u wot m8
>hit her with all my strength in the forehead, bitch starts crying, class is shocked.
>we both get sent to principal's
>my mom comes in, "I told him to do it", shows wound on hand, we both get suspended.
>get called "girl-hiter" but never bullied again in that school, got more friends because of it
>mfw my mom says to me in the car "I'm proud of you"