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#2 - silentlaugh
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(02/02/2013) [-]
You also cant create folders with the names CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK$, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9,
LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8 and LPT9... for anyone who is interested.
#18 to #2 - kainhall
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(02/03/2013) [-]
you hear about the "god mode" code. you rename a file to like a hex code and it creats a shortcut called "godmode". i used it to get around blockers and **** in my school. not to do anything bad...they had the computers so locked down half the time you could not right click! you could alos just use IE...downlaoding firefox/crome gave the computer viruses and you were expelled...idiots

im going to hack into the mainframe with a ******* right click aprently....
#15 to #2 - doigboiger
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(02/03/2013) [-]
I figured out the 'PRN' one after my 'O' key stopped working.
#39 to #15 - imebjay
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(02/03/2013) [-]
#3 to #2 - ieatbengay
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(02/02/2013) [-]
why not?
#9 to #3 - anon
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(02/02/2013) [-]
COM# and LPT# were special names used by things linked to the computer; LPT, in particular, was used for serial printer links.
#4 to #3 - silentlaugh
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(02/02/2013) [-]
They had special meanings in the days of DOS apparently
#13 to #4 - monkeyyninja
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(02/02/2013) [-]
I understand the need for legacy support, but really?