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I used to do this all the time at Publix after I started realizing how biased/racist/evil my managers were.

Can't find the lookup for a produce item? **** it, I'm not going back there.
Forgot to tell me you have water/dog food/**** underneath the cart? Like I care, it's rush hour, they won't say ****.
Sale item isn't ringing up right? I don't ******* care just take it, the manager's just gonna end up giving it to you for free anyway.
I used to ring people up for coupons they didn't even have too.

I never ever got in trouble for it too, even when one of my superiors knew I was doing it. They liked me too much and I was funny, so they chose to keep me at 40 hours a week. They chose to keep me, a guy they knew talked **** to rude customers and shorted the business, over someone who actually needed the hours for his family. But he wasn't nice looking and didn't sound friendly enough so they found a reason to fire him after cutting his hours instead of just moving him to stock or deli or something.