I can't post text so read description. Since this site has become so in recent months, it. I know it's always been reposts and and we've always bitched about it
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I can't post text so read description

Since this site has become so ****** in recent months, **** it. I know it's always been reposts and **** and we've always bitched about it, but it's gotten ******* ridiculous with the spammers and retards out there. I used to consider fj a home on the internet because I could always laugh and anything goes. Now it's just turned into sucking 4chan's dick and posting reddit and tumblr. If I wanted to see those sites, I'd be there looking at them. Lately, it feels like I'm actually on reddit going through the front page. I've been loyal to fj since it was bright green and awesome. Now, it's complete **** and I can't spend more than half an hour a day on here without getting bored and giving up on it for another day. I've been through many accounts on here, and I've done a lot of posting in the past. This has just become such a horrible site now. Everyone bitches that rage faces and 9gag are cancer. Look in the mirror. This site has become the cancer of the internet. It's turning into the 9gag we started hating when they started. Hopefully if I ever come back to this site, it will be better, but I feel like it will never reach it's former glory.
You've all been great up until these past few months. The site has been declining for a while, but it's taken a humongous downturn recently.
Pretty much everyone here has been awesome. there are those few exceptions of course, like imfunnynet, hollywoodleak, raybing and, of course, admin the faggot.
Peace out everyone. Enjoy the **** that this site has become.

TL;DR **** you read it

Read Description!
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Submitted: 02/01/2013
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#3 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/04/2013) [-]
Dude, make a new site, chrissakes.
User avatar #2 - Foxpaw (02/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I stopped coming here when bronies.

Yes you read that right.
#1 - tricksandshit (02/01/2013) [-]
How does tomorrow sound?
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