Disgruntled HMV employee.... Hottest Girl in Poland----> theleek.com/2013/01/cleave-land-hot-pics-of-emily-ratajkowski/. Iloilo Iloilo htto hrty/ . e. ts he  hmv employees fired
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Disgruntled HMV employee...

htto hrty/ . e. ts he
Especially since these accounts were set up toy an intern (unpaid,
technically illegal) two years age.
and those hard denoting individuals, who wanted to maize hmv great
again, have mostly e'en fired, there seemed no other choice.
hm? eta we
Under usual circumstances, we' d never dare such a thing as this.
However, when the company you Early love is eeing ruined...
Just overheard our Marketing Director (he' s staying, fella} asle "How
I shut dawn Twitter?" '
Sorry we' e'en quiet tor so long. Under contract. we' e'en
unable to say a werd. or -colore importantly - tell the truth
eta Eire
There are over 60 LIE; being fired at ancel Mass execution, loyal
employees who love the brand #
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We' re meeting live trom HR where we' re all eeing firael. Exciting!!
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User avatar #1 - gravitystereo (02/01/2013) [-]
some asshole CEO hoggin up all the money
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