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In my experience, PNGs have a few flaws.

Let me back up a bit. I sometimes make videos, and when I do, I always export the frames as image sequences then convert those to a video, splicing the audio in at that stage as well. It's more complicated but it prevents the loss of the entire export if a crash occurs, which has saved my ass several times. My videos are usually several thousand frames long.

Now lemme tell you about PNGs. They take 3 seconds or more to save (at res of 1080x1920), are barely compatible with Photo Viewer or irfanview, and are very LARGE; upwards of 5MB per uncompressed file. It takes far longer to save compressed PNGs and time is usually more valuable me than drive space. Around the production time of a very long and compex live action video which required hundreds of video layers (all requiring alpha levels), I started looking for a new format.

Enter: TARGA RAW. 24 bits of color, 8 bits of alpha, faster, smaller, simpler, and more reliable. It doesn't compress well but honestly, you'll never need to. TARGA RAW is the best thing since the last thing was the best thing, which it is no longer because of TARGA RAW.

of course tiff is still my file of choice for photoshop