Paradox of my life. . PARADOX OF IN/ LIFE I do nothing, yotl still donthave any free time.. "You cannot save time, you can only spend it wisely" -The Tao of Pooh
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Paradox of my life

I do nothing, yotl still donthave any free time.
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Submitted: 01/30/2013
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User avatar #1 - captainfuckitall (01/31/2013) [+] (3 replies)
"You cannot save time, you can only spend it wisely"

-The Tao of Pooh
#5 - corsairjoshua (01/31/2013) [+] (5 replies)
I literally watch Starcraft all day long.

Then I complain about my Calc homework.

I am a foolish child
#11 - thechosentroll (01/31/2013) [+] (3 replies)
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That's why I gave up on sleep to have more gaming time. 5 hours of sleep a day is more than enough, right?
User avatar #21 - fapodap (01/31/2013) [+] (2 replies)
they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
this is the absolute complete truth!!!!!

The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don't associate with non Asians that much, are very untalkative, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don't like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don't like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won't be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely wild as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

User avatar #4 - messerschmidto (01/31/2013) [-]
These days, we wait until we run out of time.
User avatar #3 - ixcarnifexxi (01/31/2013) [-]
Welcome to the world of being a music student.
User avatar #10 - dannymolko (01/31/2013) [+] (1 reply)
This is not a paradox of your life, it's you whining like a little bitch because you do nothing productive all day and then you say "Oh I have no free time", when in fact you're just so lazy that you don't even want to get a glass of water.
#12 to #10 - thechosentroll (01/31/2013) [-]
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This is how you look right now, except more assholish. It's a ******* joke, you cunt.
User avatar #9 - mycatislookingatme (01/31/2013) [-]
Playing Rome: Total War does this to me.
#29 - anonymous (01/31/2013) [-]
during the year i'm studying & sleeping, but when i'm on vacation i do nothing because i have no money
#25 - spageddy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
#17 - belshir (01/31/2013) [-]
**belshir rolled a random image posted in comment #2738762 at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ** Im sitting here in college, ignoring the empty word document that should be my coursework for tommorow with the sense of "il do it later" slowly fading...
Pray for me FJ i need guidance
User avatar #13 - anonionbagel (01/31/2013) [-]
Both sides are not contradictory, so it's not a paradox. I could say I hate cake but love cheesecakes, that's not a paradox, just a coincidence. An example of a paradox would be the 4th dimension, for us, it's near incomprehensible, because at that point, there are 4 planes of dimension, meaning objects can be in objects. Or, a simpler example: The next sentence is a lie. The previous sentence is true.
#31 - alucardshellhound (01/31/2013) [-]
**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #7 at Dat statue on his stand. **
#18 - yourlifeisalie (01/31/2013) [-]
**yourlifeisalie rolls 220**
**yourlifeisalie rolls 220**
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