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(01/30/2013) [-]
I dreamt that I was going to a house for some party or something, I was with two guys from class, apparently we were working for MTV. And suddenly mom and my brother was there. Then I saw two girls from my old class sitting in a couch, they were making out and touching boobs and ****, and I heard their parents say "Well, they don't have to join our party if they find it boring, lets let them be and allow the to do what they want." And then I looked away for a bit and then when I turned around they were doing the 69 on eachother and totally licking eachothers pussy and moaning and ****. And I got a rock on as soon as I saw it, but mom and brother did not react. And then I looked getting horny as ****, then a earthquake started and mom and brother were gone and me and the two other guys jumped into a car resembling the batmobile and raced to the MTV studios, but I jumped out and then proceeded to run towards the studios. That was my latest dream I had, just so you know.