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User avatar #209 - iforgetwhattosay
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(01/30/2013) [-]
the theory of natural selection no longer applies to us, as it has become to easy for us to survive. much like when certain animals are placed in perfect environments and ruin the ecosystem around them with overpopulation and over eating.
User avatar #243 to #209 - ninjasquirle
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(01/30/2013) [-]
I'm really worried FJ, here we are complaining about every one getting less intelligent by the generation. Yet here we are completely misunderstanding basic biological theories ourselves. Maybe you should complain when you have more than a middle school understanding of biology.
User avatar #266 to #243 - iforgetwhattosay
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(01/30/2013) [-]
okay yes, i'm not good at biology and i realize it was not proper to mention natural selection in this context. though i still think the basic idea of my statement is valid, don't you think?
User avatar #275 to #266 - ninjasquirle
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(01/30/2013) [-]
Well natural selection will always apply but people need to remember natural selection is a theory to explain the observation. In this case the most fit of the species produces more, whether or not intelligence is even being factored anymore depends on our environment. As far as nature goes as long as produce more kids than the next guy and most of them live then your succeeding at life. Intelligence was probably once a major determining factor but in reality it has always been about resources. Many account the Renascence being helped out majorly by the massive die off from the plague freed up alot more resources, people started eating better (are reached heights of normal humans similar to ancient times, this won't happen again until the industrial revolution.) and were able to live better because of it. Too many people dismiss diet as a factor in intelligence anymore but take a two day fast from eating then a take a test, the lack of nutrients and calories to an extreme can make it hard to remember your own name. Basically like machines, humans need the right fuel to perform optimally, and in the processed food of today is unfortunately largely empty of nutrients. Intelligence however is not an inheritable trait, if someone is stupid or lazy and not consistently malnourished (many young girls today don't eat enough to get proper vitamins and minerals in the quantity they need), they probably just had lazy parents and followed their work ethic. Largely the failing of our generation can be blamed on the previous ones for their "everybody is a winner" attitude can really sap the motivation out of people by giving them praise for not even trying anymore.