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#21 - femalealert
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(01/28/2013) [-]
>be me
>Teacher says "take this to room 119, the science lab"
>huge ******* school so i get a little lost on the way but eventually find it
>no a science lab, but a counselors room
>ask where room is
>go to new room
>see my english teacher in there
>well thats not the room
>start knocking on doors asking for help
>get to third door cause none knew and the door just opens
>in the room are three kids and a teacher just playing board games
>teacher asks me "do you want some cookies?"
>she hands me an entire box of cookies
>ask where room is
>she says "Oh comes with me, i have a few errands but ill show you"
>start walking with her
>she starts showing me all around the school and what teachers areas are like
>gives me more candy
>now just chowing on sweets and cookies
>eventually find room
>no one there
>leave paper on random desk and go back to class with mother load of cookies and sweets
>teacher asks what took so long
>just gave him a cookie and sat back down
#58 to #21 - comanderspy
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(01/28/2013) [-]
Rev up those lols guys, this is a cool story