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#442 - anon (01/27/2013) [-]
now look, just step back a moment and look at yourselves. Most atheists are only atheists because it's what other people on the internet do and they think it's cool and trendy to bash something they know nothing about. Calling religion nonsensical or even full out retarded, just proves your narrow minded view of life. And even with every one of your oh so witty posts and rants on how religion "ruins" society, do you really and i mean REALLY think one generation is going to undo the core fundamental belief of every human on this planet for the last 100,000 thousand or so years of our modern existence? Tell me, if religion was really so bad and idiotic than why is it found in EVERY SINGLE CULTURE FROM ALASKA TO AUSTRALIA? i mean really, and stop this "science wins" ******** , most scientists are religious, most science comes FROM religion. For people who claim to be so smart, you obviously have no comprehension of anything beyond what you think.

Eisenstein, Galileo and even Mendel were all religious, but yeah you faggots and richard dawkins must know more than them right?

pretensions douche-bags
#473 to #442 - anon (01/27/2013) [-]
People are atheist because of their own reasons, everything from thinking there is no logical reason for there to even be a god or gods, thinking the universe is alive and created itself, to just not giving a damn and just trying to make a life for himself/herself. The core beliefs in religion such as be good to others or basic guidelines to live your life are all good, they help many. But overall, think about how many wars have been caused over religion, how many interpretations of the same passages in the same book has caused so many people to be at each other's throats for having different beliefs. Why is religion found on almost every continent? because evolving man needed a way to explain the un-explainable at the time. these ideas became beliefs and then changed into doctrine as more became stretched, added/subtracted, and edited. Just because something ha been around for a long time, doesn't make it good or right. look at slavery, that has been around for thousands of years and yet we all see it as immoral. Scientists are actually not religious, or at least the grad majority of them aren't, possibly about 98% of scientists are either atheists or agnostics while the smaller 2% have a varying beliefs.
Einstein was actually agnostic, Mendel was Roman Catholic yes, and Galileo was threatened of torture by the church for his work though I'm unsure of his religious affiliation. And what about other great minds? Dawkins, Hawking, Pavlov, Freud, Carl Sagan and even Epicurus were/are all atheists and Neil deGrasse Tyson is agnostic. Considering the advancements of today, yes i'd say these individuals know a great deal more than Galileo, Einstein and Mendel
#448 to #442 - topazxwolfify (01/27/2013) [-]
take a moment to step back and think and ask this one question, where did everything come from? what it just poped out of no where? god made himself? /thread
#462 to #448 - anon (01/27/2013) [-]
All scientific theories and religions alike violate the law "from nothing comes nothing." One is not exactly more far fetched than the other
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