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User avatar #9 - grandmabetty ONLINE (01/26/2013) [-]
And then moses came in on his Jesus fuelled V8 Camel said **** IT.

He said, lets put ALL the alphabets in it.

And so, he did.

2 hours later, Mary exclaimed whilst having sex with Adam, HERE IS A MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM FOR YOU, WHAT IS д + ザ + 1 (5 x 80)
#39 to #9 - anonymous (01/26/2013) [-]
please tell me more about this jesus fuelled V8 camel
User avatar #47 to #39 - grandmabetty ONLINE (01/26/2013) [-]
Its a camel with no legs. They were cut off in a freak yachting accident as taught in Isaiah 10:8. Like when you fit wheels on a broken dog, it has 4 wheels with carbon fibre ceramic brakes. It has an infinite-omnipotence-litre V8 engine. For your luxury it comes with a radio, but due to religious reasons, Jesus decided to glue the button so its stuck on hardcore gospel. ******* bastard. Its not economic at all, it ***** everywhere, a nun once chased me because I ran over her cucumber crop and it crapped on her when I stopped to say hello. But apart from that it's a pretty good vehicle.
#22 to #9 - lordaurion (01/26/2013) [-]
The answer is 3/pi x 2^2 + a
User avatar #12 to #9 - acirikis ONLINE (01/26/2013) [-]
It's 7.
#24 to #12 - scodran (01/26/2013) [-]
I found an asian guise
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