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(01/26/2013) [-]
Anyone here played teleglitch lately?

Good game. Short but sweet, and I found it refreshingly challenging at first.

Probably wouldn't have been challenging if you looked stuff up, but idk. It was really fun to just figure stuff out on my own instead.

Which reminds me: I think that while games have definitely gotten easier (in part to open it up to a broader audience), there are also plenty of ones just as hard, you just have to look. If anything there's even more than there used to be.
However, I think one of the biggest things making games easier these days is that you can look up such a massive amount of tutorials, guides, info on wikis, watch let's plays, etc, etc such that you pretty much can't lose. Back in the day, you either couldn't look up anything so it had to be word of mouth if anything, or even when you finally could look stuff up it was pretty much just cheats for messing around with, not really anything for if you wanted to play the game legit (like age of empires cheats and stuff).

It wasn't for quite a while that people could go to a wiki and look up more than half of all info on a game in an hour or so. And there certainly weren't any "let's plays" or things like that. You'd be lucky to occasionally be able to find a tutorial, and even then it probably wasn't a video.