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User avatar #396 - Viggiator
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(01/26/2013) [-]
Even though I agree it's stupid as ******* hell to blame games for any violent action, it's right that gamers have no credibility. Like if you when you argue about piracy on the internet, people who download movies have no credibility as they can't be objective.

I'm not saying anything should get banned or anything, just pointing out the fact that gamers have their opinion and its not objective.
User avatar #409 to #396 - thatguywhohasbacon
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(01/26/2013) [-]
The people on the opposing side do have to have an interest in whatever it is their supporting, as long as they base their arguments on facts it's okay. Anyway, pretty much what you just said is that the people that the laws actually affect should have no say.
#400 to #396 - silverhyozanryu
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(01/26/2013) [-]
I see your point but no that's wrong, piracy is illegal. It's like asking criminals for their opinion on a murder but gamers are well, the people who PLAY video games.

They are the majority on the subject and no more about it than anyone else. Saying they have no credibility is there way of saying "We know you play them but we're politicians so it's our opinion that matters". They just want to make sure there is no opposition to any dumb laws they'l try to introduce.