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#16 - anon
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(01/26/2013) [-]
i've worked at mc donald's before. this is false because employees do not wrap the bruger then wait to sell it (at least where i and many others worked). they build the burger when it's asked for.

and really, unless it's not busy at the moment, burgers, and every other meat/fish product, stay in the little heating bin (there's a name for it, i forgot) for no more than 10 minutes max anyway. burgers go by FAST and they're constantly made almost every quarter hour during normal and rushed hours. buns are toasted or steamed as specified by the product or customer at the moment of its order.

if you want fresh burgers you can either ask for it unseasoned or well-done (yeah, i didn't know you can get them well-done either until i worked there).
every burger is automatically seasoned before they're lifted off the grill, so an unseasoned one will have to be made as a special order. same with well-done, except the burgers are left for an extra 45 seconds (that's how long it takes for the regular 1/8 burgers to cook).

fried products (mc chicken, southern chicken, etc) are a little different. for fresh fries, you can ask for it unsalted.

didn't mean to get all specificky. but yeah.. if my memory serves me right, these are pretty much facts.