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#39 - ishotthedeputy
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(01/26/2013) [-]
Alright rant time. I hate those kinds of profiles (i.e. This guy, Milk, Ted, and memes that end up on twitter), because there's one guy who comes up with these jokes, and all these profiles find them and tweet them so people can favorite them. Then other people see the success of them and literally post the exact same tweets. Just for fun I looked up Grumpy Cat on Twitter. I found 10 different grumpy cat profiles. 10. And they all had the same ones ("Dashing through the no", "I had fun once, it was awful", etc.) It's amazing to see what people will do just fhsmfngwehfgbduknfdm;nsdeorcmnsgldnrfcrbqsdgngbfsdgnfkxgfougskghmcgkvsdn,vbfkxne lwhfiesgfjsagflwyglwhfgkfgilgflgefgegfegfkegfgqfqgfqcbqfgqkwfq;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;-2