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#186 - yaysuperduper
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(01/25/2013) [-]
This is more to think about for everyone arguing about whether pit bulls are more likely to be agreesive naturally or only as a result of improper training. In my county pit bulls are legal and one of my best friends got a puppy a few years ago. His puppy is not violent, but loves to play. What I have noticed is that even if they are not naturally more aggressive than other dogs, they are still probably more dangerous. Put bulls are much stronger and faster than many other breeds. They are a probably more likely to hurt people and other pets when playing, and when one does get aggressive, it is more likely to get away from it's leash and/or cause more damage. I think of it like cars vs tanks (my friends pit bull is named tank). Both are motor vehicles, but one can cause a lot more damage than the other. The driver is like the dogs training. A psychotic tank driver on the loose can cause more damage than a bad driver in a car.

TLDL: pit bulls can cause more damage, even if they aren't more agressive