Storytime FJ. True story. The poster is me btw.. Blanca 24 minutes ago I is Today when Iwas walking with my friends from Dollar Pizza we saw 2 really ghetto loo black people niggers Storytime

Storytime FJ

True story. The poster is me btw.

24 minutes ago I is
Today when Iwas walking with my friends from Dollar Pizza we saw 2 really ghetto looking black
guys. They both wore the same sweater with a red vest over it. Same jeans. The jeans were also
sagging to the exact same level. They each wore the same exact weird tags on their jeans and had
the same chain drooping from their belt things. Now since I' m a dickface I decided Iwould walk up to
them and try to get a look at them in the front. I swear to you they both had matching grills. At this
point, Iwas laughing so hard Ijust like did some sort of squat thing and started walking back towards
my group. At this point, they both turned around and said "Hold up hold up, turn around kid turn
around." I pretended I didn' t hear them cause they were black what the **** was Unopposed to do?
Eventually they run up to me and one of them grabs my coat by the collar but he doesn' t like do it
menacingly like he was gonna punch the dominican off me more like he wanted me to slow the ****
down. They immediately start saying "Yo dawg y u runnin up at us son?" And I' m just like "lolwut" and
they say" We saw you running up at us and looking at us weird." I immediately replied with "Yeeah Iwas
running up at you then I guess" with a smile on my face. They tried to have this mean looking
expression on their face but then they just got confused. They said "Why?" and Isaid "Isn' t it obvious?
Iwas checking out your swaggerific threads" Then they punched the air to try and make me flinch and
just started laughing and walked away. **** was tight son.
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End 5 others like this,
Dr I have overcome my fear of black people.
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