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#191 - auesis
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(01/24/2013) [-]
>First day of A level ICT
>Walk in to classroom, I'm the first one there
>Teacher (Irish) is playing DMC3 on his PC with a controller
>Turns around, not even slightly fazed at the appearance of a student
>"I should get the special edition, Vergil is the man."
>"I already have it, he's good fun to play."
>"We're gonna get along just fine."

>Results day
>Got the grades I needed to get in to uni
>Usual rounds of teachers congratulating people
>ICT teacher approaches me and my friends (who all passed too, and were in the same class as me)
>"Perfect, now I can get you a drink without being arrested."
>All waltz off to pub across the street
>Piss-up, along with my History and Maths teachers who were also pretty badass
>**** was cash

Worst possible place, my arse.

Pic unrelated, eye candy for the "cool story bro" people. Hope it was worth your time.