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#143 - anon
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(01/22/2013) [-]
THIS::::IS::::WHY::::WE::::ALWAYS::::LOSE:::::Reserve Bank Mafia, prints the dollar bill and loans it to the govt. Govt has to pay back 365 days later AND interest ON than loaned paper/money. Not enough paper bills in circulation to pay back all, so govt has to squeeze it out of populace, selling schools, infrastructure, land, resources AND increasing taxes WHICH increase YOUR expense of living.... Problems magnify when Reserve Bank Mafia INDUCE debt into a country, War, Overpopulation, Racism Conflicts, etc, etc.
Biggest scam on Earth, those who print the dollar notes use usury to govts, which ends up sucking entire economies dry... It's why Germany kicked out these FAKE banks and became wealthy... Then the false propaganda started by the money printers, then the War and so on and so on...

America DID fight against them several times, but lost in the end, and continues to lose ground every day.

How can you tell a good or corrupt politician/party from a bad one? One makes debt, the other reduces it(good).

And now you know who runs the world... And sets everyone against each other...
User avatar #188 to #143 - deaththroes
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(01/22/2013) [-]
Excellent post,the money changers are a Virus !