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#75 - karnax
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(01/22/2013) [-]
>Be me
>Had at least 20 buffalo wings, and three slices of pizza over the course of a day
>Also had about 6 glasses of coke
>In an hour long drive home from dropping a friend off
>Have to stop at their grandma's house
>Waiting in the car
>Sudden feeling in my stomach
>Feel an onslaught of pain in my stomach and a rushing feeling
>Have to fart
>Oh no
>Oh god no
>Fart for 10 seconds straight
>Feel something else
>Shuffle into the house and to the bathroom
>Spend about an hour basically pissing out my ass
>All the while I have to deal with the fact that I basically **** myself
>Use water and towels to sort of clean my pants
>Go past my friend, shuffling
>"You okay dude?"
>"I'm fine"
>Drive home in shame