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(01/22/2013) [-]
since every one is talking about **** story's i want to share my
>in grade 9
>in the middle of a group project
>god awful gurgle comes from my tummy
>anus and intestines fell like hover dam about to ******* break
>super fast walk while dodging people tables and other stuff
>gets teacher to ask if i could go use bathroom
> teacher says wait 5 minutes
>asks again teacher says one sec need to talk to assistant teacher
>feels it like a god dam ram trying to bash down a ******* castle door
>a popular kid my class ask teacher to use bathroom and i ask and say i really have to go teachers says you can wait and send the other kid.
>say **** the system and goes to the bathroom to and walks past popular kid and he says hey teacher said i could go and i tell him **** you and flip him the bird.
>i get in to the first stall dam toilet is cover in piss and **** i go to the second one toilet paper all over and in the dam thing i go to the third one dam thing looked so clean and nice i could **** it and still eat off of it.
>popular kid get's in and use's urinal
>i rip my pants and boxers down and i sit as fast as i could not even a god dam millisecond all you could hear in the washroom was my ass releasing what my bowls conjured up. sounded like the good dam dead was wakening up & groaning while gurgling blood.
>**** plastered all over the inside of the toilet i go to grab T.P. there is none aside of whats connected to the role dispenser going to the toilet in the second stall i grab 3 sheets of T.P all i could scavenge.
>carefully wipe my anus i don't get **** of my hands look at tp not **** on it at all wipe again no **** so i had not **** on my butt
> try's to flush doesn't flush well **** it i will tell the office desk that the toilet is clogged
>open's door me an the popular kid meet eye to eye he look's over my shoulder for half a second looks back at me with a white face silence in the washroom for a good 6 seconds he nods and leaves with out washing
User avatar #109 to #103 - ratchat
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(01/22/2013) [-]
>his hands
>i wash my hands leave go to desk tell office that i clogged the toilet in the third stall
>teacher ask's where i have been i tell her that i had to take a bowl movement. i clogged the toilet so i told the office. she doesn't. i tell her to ask the popular.
>she asks gets a more detailed story than i told her .
>i said i told you that i had a bowel movement.
>she nods and sits down and start marking test's
>mom hears the story and ask's me what did i eat to conjure some thing like that.
>i say i dunno and start eating chips and drinking mt. dew while playing fallouthats that's all folks.