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#78 - comradewinter
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Even though they were active over a longer period and didn't face extreme difficulties over the course of their campaign, it's worth looking into the following men:

Kurt Knispel (German tanker with over 168 confirmed tanks destroyed)
Vasiliy Zaitsev (Soviet marksman with approx. 300 confirmed kills)
Ivan Sidorenko (Soviet marksman with over 500 confirmed kills)

Both Zaitsev and Sidorenko stopped fighting after a short lapse of time and started training other marksmen instead. The Rabbit Group, named after Zaitsev, accumulated 5000-6000 kills. Not sure about Sidorenko's.

Kurt Knispel would have become one of the most decorated soldiers in the German Army, hadn't it been for his disregard for military rules. He assaulted an Einzatsgrupfen-officer because he mistreated a Soviet POW, and refused to follow hair style uniform. He would've been executed time and time over hadn't it been for how crucial he was to the Axis.
#155 to #78 - zielscheibe
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well it is somehow sad that there are no german * heroes * in this list of badass people for there are some , axis soldiers from Japan too

But THX for mentioning Knispel
#105 to #78 - Zaitsev
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Huh....I don't remember doing any of that.
Huh....I don't remember doing any of that.
#85 to #78 - anon id: fc005732
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