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#92 - merrymarvelite
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Why the hell does anybody care who somebody they don't even know gets married to?

It literally doesn't affect you at all.

User avatar #107 to #92 - sparkyoneonetwo
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(01/21/2013) [-]
well here is a few reasons why people care so much
gay marriage is wrong
It violates natural law
It validates and promotes the homosexual lifestyle
(this one is my all time personal favorite one) It Offends God

I don't agree with any of them things I find them all retarted reasons and just wanted to share with you what people say to me about it all the time.
User avatar #133 to #107 - SgtObvious
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Those are all the "crazy person from Kentucky" reasons. How about the fact that the institution of marriage was created to be between a man and a woman originally. The government just adopted the policy of marriage, they didn't create it. Because of that they don't have a right to actually change it. Civil Unions are totally fine though.

I am not trying to get into an argument so don't reply argumentative ****. I was just giving another reason to oppose gay marriage that also happens to be my belief.
User avatar #143 to #133 - sparkyoneonetwo
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(01/21/2013) [-]
I didn't know they were from a "crazy person from Kentucky" but, I've heard the same reasons for lots of people.

I'm not going to argue with anyone about it no matter what the reasons are . Legal or not I don't care at all. I don't see the point of marriage I can be happy just being with someone I don't need some like legal documentation saying that i love someone. That is honestly all I see marriage as to me its pointless really.

Like you said I ain't trying to get in an argument with you just saying what my personal feelings on all of this are
User avatar #148 to #143 - SgtObvious
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(01/21/2013) [-]
I agree with you, but I think people have such strong opinions because of principles, at least I know that I do. I've heard a lot of gay marriage supports talk about how they want marital rights and the opportunity to be legally joined to their partner, but when I suggest Civil Unions with the same rights as marriage most get mad and say it's not equal. gay marriage opposers believe in the upholding the tradition and sanctity of marriage and don't see it as an equality thing. No matter what the reasons, it (for the most part) comes down to whether or not you think marriages constitutes equality. I think that aside from some people's opinions, gay people have become normal and accepted in our society. In my personal experience the only gay/bi people I know that have been bullied were not bullied for being gay but for other things, and adult gay people get along just fine. So I see them as already equal, and I don't see marriage as the big epitome of equality.
User avatar #152 to #148 - sparkyoneonetwo
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(01/21/2013) [-]
The whole equal thing it' really depends on where you are at.

Where I live now I can be as gay as I wanna be and no one person seems to care but, 55 miles up north I was pretty much like basically exiled form that town by my family and friends for being gay. In some places like mostly form what I"ve seen cities and bigger towns don't seem to mind gays and there seen like equals but, get down in the smaller towns like I grew up in and and a whole ******* town hates me for likeing dudes.