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Story time *******. One day I was out doing My job construction, putting some hand rails up on a deck. And then I heard a thump. I went over to investigate the noise only to see a baby squirrel. It was hurt and limped towards Me. So I picked it up, took it home and fed it milk out of a visine bottle. Ir later became on of our pets. It loved watermelon and would roll around like a ball sometimes it was strange but a cool pet. I would show pics put they are on My old laptop that My mom trashed before I could get the hard driver out of it, She said no one could get it, damn retard.
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Nice profile pic.
User avatar #15 to #6 - haaaxderp
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Because a screwdriver is that hard to use...
That just adds to the rage.
User avatar #80 to #15 - mookiez
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(01/22/2013) [-]
I tried to, she took it away because she bought it for Me way back when. I was like 14. and Built a cheap $300 dollar rig and she told Me it was impossible to do, after I just built a ******* computer. My parents make Me rage. Another rage story. My dads tv went out. He knows residential wiring but not circuitry. So He tried to fix the tv. He looked it up troubleshooting that way, And I was like dad let Me try to fix it ( i was 15 at the time and every dime I made went into electrical soldering tools stuff like that because I was obsessed with electricity . Teaching Myself I was making robots at that age.) But He found out the problem through hours of research. The electrolytic capacitors that hold high voltage for the tubes went out. I mean a retard could figure it out because when electrolytic caps go they kinda pop and have a hole in the top You can tell if They are bad just by looking at them. So He got some more, took My $500 soldering station and replaced the,. he did a horrible job on the soldering. Put some in backwards, electrolytic caps have polarity ceramic caps do not. So He put them in backwards. And got the wrong voltage rating to it was unable to reach its peak voltage and it didn't work. I pointed out His mistakes and He bitched at Me telling Me I was wrong ( as I said i was 15. But yet had at least 1.5 years college knowledge with the stuff) And He grounded Me. So later that day. I took The tv apart. Fixed His mistakes. Fixing burnt motherboard is not easy. Got the caps in correct and boom the thing worked fine. Then He bitched at Me more for Fixing it. I just don't get them. That is one of most rage filled times of My life. eh sorry for they story You may like it. I like to tell people this story sometimes.