Moar Stupid Quotes!. More stupid quotes, and a bonus Boxerhockey comic for the hell of it!<br /> The Other One --> <br /> Other Other One --& moar Stupid quotes boxerhockey lulz

Moar Stupid Quotes!

More stupid quotes, and a bonus Boxerhockey comic for the hell of it!<br />
The Other One --&gt; [url deleted] <br />
Other Other One --&gt; [url deleted]

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Submitted: 05/19/2010
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User avatar #5 - epicpikachu (05/19/2010) [-]
"If people get a kick out of running down pedestrians , you have to let them do it."
#20 - TacoMobile (05/20/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I'm from the great planet of Australia...I dunno where the hell the rest of you are o.O
User avatar #4 - PedoXBear (05/19/2010) [-]
cake is a lie
User avatar #2 - BlackHand (05/19/2010) [+] (4 replies)
i lol'd the hardest at "where the hell is Australia anyway"
#3 to #2 - Adachi **User deleted account** (05/19/2010) [-]
Hahah same here, i also like "for most people, death comes at the end of their lives" where are these people who aren't dying at the end of their lives and how can i get in on that?
#14 - LeroyJenkinz (05/19/2010) [+] (3 replies)
there were no quotes from president bush...
#15 to #14 - Adachi **User deleted account** (05/19/2010) [-]
I kno, I was thinking about making one dedicated to him. We'll see how it goes
User avatar #13 - LAWLASAURUS (05/19/2010) [-]
But you can't have what is a lie!
User avatar #10 - MoNercy (05/19/2010) [+] (2 replies)
The second quote is a Dan Quayle quote, not an Al Gore. I can't imagine Al Gore ever saying/thinking that xDDD
User avatar #25 - mmmbaldeagle (05/20/2010) [-]
Australia resides on the border of greece and china....
User avatar #24 - smokinjoints (05/20/2010) [-]
suns hitting the screen on my desk at work so i cant read ******* dark green text on black... idiot
User avatar #23 - LittleSister (05/20/2010) [+] (2 replies)
******** Mariah said that.... thats a line from white chicks.... and plus, even if she is a dumb blimp, celebrities are smart enough not to say **** like that... any proofs? if its true she needs to be shot for her stupidity
User avatar #21 - ZOMFGnoWaysz (05/20/2010) [-]
i rofled @ the mariah carey one. that bitch is a blimp right nao.....
#19 - Narkisia **User deleted account** (05/19/2010) [-]
i don't know where Australia is either=.=
#11 - lilbooshy **User deleted account** (05/19/2010) [-]
what the holy **** maraih?!
User avatar #7 - boeingguy (05/19/2010) [-]
is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago" -- Dan Quayle

"I'm going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes."
User avatar #1 - LATIF (05/19/2010) [-]
I pitty the fools
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