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#158 - gaussgun
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(01/21/2013) [-]
While OP has a point in that smartphones have calculators and you can use it at any time, it still helps to develop your intelligence by learning and/or memorizing things. Do you ever notice that the good professors don't carry around books, but instead can lead a whole lecture without any visual aids, and derive formulas from memory. Or how about lawyers? they don't carry around their books to quote the law at any given time, and yes, I am aware that they do research before trials.

Yes, there are counterexamples to what I said. No, I'm not trying to put anyone down. Just saying that it pays to put in the effort for something as simple as basic calculation.

TL;DR? O well guess you'll never know what I wrote.
pic kinda related.
User avatar #162 to #158 - xpurpledragonx
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(01/21/2013) [-]
I must agree with you to a extent. Though it is important to develop our minds by learning and memorizing things doesn't mean we shouldn't use calculators. The way I see it is that calculators would be used as an aid, to do certain portions of complicated math equations or simply used for equations that no one has time to do like when shopping. No one wants to sit there and add all the prices together and then while also dealing with sales and such. And just as you I do not wish to put anyone down just saying what I think.