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#169 - swagbot
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(01/20/2013) [-]
Yup I'm free.

Free to discuss whatever sensitive subjects i want, with absolutely no government care or involvement.
Free to keep all of the money that i work for.
Free to vote for a government that is in line with my wishes for the country.
The founding principles of the U.S. are the best-conceived in history...
But our country is sick.

I am not free. I am a slave to the filth that grows on the ignorance of my fellow countrymen.
#199 to #169 - loganbauglir
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(01/20/2013) [-]
I hardly see how our founding principles are the "best in history", Mr Hyperbole. Certainly our constitution was, at THE TIME, on e of the "freest" in the world. However, this was partly due to the fact that most other countries did not have a constitution. Was this a fundamental impediment to personal liberty? Perhaps, as many have suggested centuries after the fact, but most people lived and thrived in a different system. It is too easy to belittle the past, and see all those not of the nobility as terribly ignorant and repressed. Though this was undoubtedly true in many underdeveloped regions, I believe it is fundamentally ahistorical to pass such withering judgement on other social systems. I agree with the rest of your post :) Have a nice day!