Bill's guide to the internet. All credit goes to David Thorne, full guide can be viewed at his webstie: Bill' s guide to the intern
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Bill's guide to the internet

All credit goes to David Thorne, full guide can be viewed at his webstie:

Bill' s guide to the
Google Images
Beagle Images is useless- I used it meets marsh hr a photo at tam
equipment and it showed me twenty thousand pictures Mme dicks.
Why weild I want enybody I dent know knowing what] am daing? I
dent yell nut In in the supermarket “I am allying oranges" so
why we'll: I I want In do it en my intenet? When I was mung, I lived in a
small village where everybady knew each ether and knew what
Haynes was up to. There was a fat when kid whn lived next deer to
me named Tony. DEE day I shot him in the leg with a heme made blew
at anew Item my dosshouse that elm. - his yard and his parents
called the news. Within hears the entire tillage was eally' lg me William
Tell. Having escaped the small mentality terms last 'ttwy his
years, I am hardly wing tn advertise my mete new
Redditt Digg
These sites are the miles m’ walking down the street, tira: lbrig
a reek shaped like a hug and hellbling it up in the air while yelling fer
my neighbours In ewes nut and tell me what they think st my frag
shaped reek. My neighbours can all tn hell. Esspecially Mrs Carter kt
number three watt leaves her bins out all week. III did find a reek
shaped like a mm, I weild threw it at her cat.
Peenie are always sending me all kinds rubbish- Why weild I want
deans pictures lets was eats? E hate eats. i went away tel a
week and when I got back and checked my jsmart. I had eight
hundred and forty three messages. Eight hundred and m of these
were adverts hr triage and the ether three were pictures notits
eats. I a he Link mail' sticker and stuck it en my modem hut
new has taken any mites.
a gem hem at this site and still have he idea what it is ten Ali I
cmpid wed: net is that I am apparently a newfag and earnest trit' aree hut
am unsure as to why I weild need ta triforce in the dirst plane. I asked
seine ofice people en there fer their advice regarding but the
only answerd seemed ta get was ‘ ****** .
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#1 - quitethedelicacy (01/19/2013) [-]
Step aside Bill, i found a new favorite Bill.
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