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#45 - connorbeyond (01/20/2013) [-]
>be girl
>call number, he picks up. "hello?"
>"hi, this is Becky" (fake name)
>"oh yeah, where are you from?"
>look up area code
>"visalia CA. I heard you had a great voice acting class, and i was interested. what's you're address?"
>"how do i know you're not just another person calling me to piss me off?"
>"have people been doing that? oh i'm sorry. some people have no life, you know what i mean?"
>"seriously. anyways, why did you want to take a vocal lessons class?"
>"well I've gotten kind of lonely, and i wanted someone to come over and play games with."
>He seems to have bought my story by now.
>"well okay, Becky was it? what kind of games do you wanna come play?"
>"well my favorite game is BATTLETOADS."

>Immediate hang-up, no delay
> ******* hilarious.
Thx OP, it was fun
#46 to #45 - iamcuteandsex (01/20/2013) [-]
oh no no no no no, thank you.
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