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#8 - greenkiller
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(01/19/2013) [-]
Maybe he wanted to try the naked man - but forgot that he should get off his pants first when he's inside.
User avatar #25 to #8 - odapac
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(01/19/2013) [-]
I have a friend whose a girl (don't judge me) and she had someone try this on her. He took her to his place to give her one of his shirts because she spilled something on hers. She met him that night through a friend of hers. Anyway, she comes out of the bathroom and the guy his BARE ASS NAKED WITH A BONER AND HE IS LIGHTING CANDLES. She ran out of the house and he chased her down the street, boner flopping around and all, saying, "I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRY!" He didn't give up until 3 blocks later and she ran all the way home, which was about an hour at 2 in the morning.

I'm pretty sure she's gay now.

#22 to #8 - lightninghedgehog
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(01/19/2013) [-]
User avatar #18 to #8 - iphoneguy
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(01/19/2013) [-]
oh the naked man
User avatar #12 to #8 - stijnverheye
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(01/19/2013) [-]
he was that 1/3 guy