The mindblowing moment when,,,. you realize the main characters in Spongebob are inspired by the 7 deadly sins... This surprising revelation was made in the aud
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The mindblowing moment when,,,

The mindblowing moment when,,,. you realize the main characters in Spongebob are inspired by the 7 deadly sins... This surprising revelation was made in the aud

you realize the main characters in Spongebob are inspired by the 7 deadly sins..

This surprising revelation
was made in the audio
commentary included with
the episode "Planked) ." on
the DVD boxset bathe
shaw’ s first season. The
disc does not establish
which characters match up
with each sin, but as an avid
Spingebob fan, I believe the
cc) ) are fairly
i. Greed (Mr. Webs) - this
is by far the most abvious cc) ) n that can be made. The avarice bf Eugene Webs
is made painfully clear thac) eghc) the series. He is cc) istantly thinking byway: s to turn
a prc) fit, even ifit involves taking advantage bf his friends ' putting them in harmful
situations! In brie episode, he sings a sbng called ‘WI Cauld Talk ID Mrmey' -and
there' s even aniki page devoted to compiling all bf his greedy plans!
2. Envy - anither rib brainer. With all bf Webs’ wealth and gbbr fortune,
there has been an equal amount bf hard luck and failure fill’ his , Shelden
Plankton. Plankton bans a struggling restaurant called "The Chum Bucket" and is
consumed with the desire to achieve the success bf his adversary. His life' s gbai is to
steal the Krabby Patty formula fram his Webs and drive his primary out bf
3. Slith (Patrick) - the guy lives under a bbck fill’ crying out laud! ifthat isn' t enaugh
to convince y: bu, in the episode "Big Pink Laser" Patrick is given an award fill’ 'doing
absolutely nathing langer than any: bne else'. He then preceeds back under his bbck
to prc) tect his title. /
4. Pride (sam/ - the fact that Sandy Cheeks is fram Texas albee should almost
suffice fill’ this bne. She is a squirrel that is very proud bf her heritage, SC) much SC) that
in brie episode she nearly moved back hame! Sandy alsk) takes a great deal bf
satisfaction in being the bely: land critter living dbon in Bikini Bottom among all the
fishy falk. Thaugh generally a ) c) denatured individual, Sandy is quick to spout bff
abaut the greatness bathe Lone Star state ' to shaw bff her athleticism in a karate
match ' a weightlifting Contest.
S. Wrath ( - Squidward Tentacles has rib qualms abaut expressing his
negative on life, whether it be by describing hbw much he hates his_ ibb at the
Krusty Web c) rtorc) ugle outward disdain fill’ his twb neighbors. He is
portrayed as a general failure whb refuses to acknowledge his own personal flaws. This
Constant manifests a sarcastic sense bf humbh and resentment
toward the society: that diesn’ t 'appreciate' his creativity and clarinet... erm...” skills”.
6. Gluttony (Jamil - nbw this bne’ s a bit trickier. Thbsg whb have watched a great deal
bathe series will have noticed a number bf_ abaut Spingebob having to remember
to feed his pet snail. TC) be hinest, Gary diesn’ t db awhile hilt besides eating and
meowing, and the meowing is baten due to the fact that he is hungry. Once when
Spingebob hadn' t fed his pet, Gary is shawn eating parts eitheir cauch! In anither
episode, Gary runs away fram hame because Spingebob to feed him fill’ awhile.
Anither time when Spingebob had amnesia, Gary ate a year' s supply bf snail fbid and
became bbesi! This proves beyond a doubt that when left to his own
devices, Gary wiuld rather db nathing but eat.
It Lust - bur final analogy: is prabably: the least apparent because we
typically think bf‘ lust’ in a sexual sense. However, the alternative definition fill’ lust is
simply "a passionate desire fill’ ) mething". In this sense bathe word, it cannot be
denied that bur absorbent yellow friend is an extremely lustful creature. Spingebob
has a lust fill’ life that is incomparable to most ather cartoon characters - he yearns fill’
the affections bf bath friend and (tue alike, is eager to please, and will baten stap at
nathing to complete a task.
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#1 - ompalomper (01/18/2013) [-]
MFW i actually sees the clear resemblance in each case as i am deeply fascinated by the seven deadly sins
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