Omegle Fetishes. A lovely conversation I had with a fellow omegle user. Feel free to post your own fetishes.. lli?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting w omegle fetishes hand sanitizer
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Omegle Fetishes

A lovely conversation I had with a fellow omegle user. Feel free to post your own fetishes.

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegler
Question to discuss:
My boyfriend has a hand sanitizer fetish.
What' s the weirdest fetish you' ever
heard of'?
Stranger: Maybe.
You: lunch fact! fetish
Stranger: Depends on what he does with it.
You: transexual child hentai porn
You: hmm
Stranger: If it' s all up in your life, then yes.
You: spider hentai
Stranger: But if it' s just like "Don baby, sanitize those
You: I' m thinking as hard as I can
Stranger: Then it' s only a little weird.
You: clothing fatish?
You: perhaps vehicular fetish
Stranger: But anything besides the hands gross.
You: dragons having sex with cars
You: spaceship funy
Stranger: Necrophilia is straight up nasty.
You: agreed
You: dead space anthromorph porn?
You: almost like technophilia
Stranger: And beastiality.
You: but WAY worse
Stranger: Bella has the choice between beastiality and
necrophilia in Twilight.
You: yup
Stranger: She' s the craziest bitch I know.
You: maybe a threesome would suffice
Stranger: And then she has a kid who you know will
have sex with a dude otherthan her and is a *******
Stranger: YAY!
You: nature porn?
You: trees
You: gun porn
Stranger: That would and badly.
You: no i mean that the guns are doing it themselves
You: they' re sentient beings
Stranger: I think my version is funnier.
Stranger: Rule 34.
You: jesus christ rule 34 everywhere
You: poop porn
You: or any human experiements
Stranger: Two girls, one cup?
You: **** no
You: please god no
Stranger: That is something nasty.
You: i regretted every single living moment of my life
You: after i watched that abomination
Stranger: ME TOD.
You: oh yeah speaking of which
You: vow
Stranger: I almost vomited.
Stranger: vow
You: yup
Stranger: What is Wore"
Stranger: vomit porn?
You: not really sure but i think it' s when you' re being
eaten or killed
You: i looked it up
Stranger: Well that' s kinky.
You: drawings of women being eaten
You: political porn
You: continental porn
You: canada' s been getting it on with america
You: I wonder what DDP' s day must' been like.
You: you must be typing up a storm
Stranger: Here is my final note: Erotic is using a
feather, kinky is using the entire chicken. Fare thee
well, I had a delightful conversation.
Your partner has disconnected.
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Submitted: 01/18/2013
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User avatar #1 - honeybiscuit (01/19/2013) [-]
Just gonna have to say Vore and its many, many, offspring, kind of creep me out. Like when you're just sitting down looking at random **** on the internet, and you get to the weird part of the internet. I've seen things man. People eating people. Animals eating people. Plants eating people. Giant monsters eating people. And then theres vaginas eating people, aka unbirth. People eating people with their asses. And dicks ( ****** what?) eating people. Left me scarred. Gonna have to say this "cock vore," weirdest **** in my book hands down (and god damn do I wish I could unsee).
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