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#16 - Daeiros
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(01/18/2013) [-]
When I was a kid, before violent video games really existed, my toy box looked something like this picture here. Dart guns, cap guns, squirt guns, swords, bows, and a whole bunch of other toys designed to look and feel like instruments of death. me and my friends would spend all afternoon shooting each other in the face with nerf darts. Before that, kids just used their hands in the shape of a gun and had sword fights with sticks. Video games are just the latest incarnation, but I don't really see how hitting the X button and making pictures move on the screen makes you more violent than paintball and laser tag.

I do agree very much with the statement that taking away guns doesn't take away the urge to kill, that has always been a standby of mine. If someone wants someone dead and can't find a gun, they will just improvise, hairspray and a lighter can get the job done, home made ballistic bombs, run them over, it's not hard to kill someone without a gun. Who said gun control will stop anyone from getting guns anyways, weed is illegal and would you look at that, a good portion of Americans say they have tried it at some point, and there are quite a few people who smoke weed errday. There is a very real and thriving black market, things still get bought and sold even when the stores stop selling them.

Like Obama said in his speech, 900 people have been shot and killed in the month since 20 died in the school shooting, and I'm sure somewhere in that ballpark died every month leading up to it as well, and nobody gave a **** until it all happened at once, until it happened to children. Everybody flips out whenever a mass shooting happens and starts looking for someone to blame and begging for gun control but when people get shot daily, just business as usual, nobody cares.

I think media of all kinds have little to do with it, studies on mice have shown overpopulation leads to suicidal and homicidal behavior. Too many people, too much poverty, not enough education.