facebook (-14). probably true, too. Taylor Swift and the guy firm one direction are over? here comes another break up song Go back on yer likin' ' Weigh in ' 34 winners gonna win son
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User avatar #2 - cherrie
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Its already rumoured she wrote a song. A female (thats sounds like taylor) wrote a song about the break up about a day or two after it happened under the alias "Jersey Green"; which just so apparently happens to be the words of a tattoo Harry Styls has.

The song is called I'm alright and is located here:


if it doesn't work just search "I'm alright Jersey Green" into youtube and it should come up.

I don't know if any of this is really true but it just seems like a huge publicity stunt.
If not, then Taylor really works fast on these break up songs.
#1 - buzzin like a bee
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