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#33 - satanisthesavior
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(01/18/2013) [-]
1 - A, sniper rifles are badass, and very useful against slow moving targets
2 - A, you don't need a silent weapon, and the uzi would be overkill (why would you need suppressive fire against an enemy that wouldn't respond to it?)
3 - D, cause it has other uses besides hacking through zombies
4 - B, can help you find other items, plus there's no guarantee of finding another light source before dark
5 - A, good source of protection, can steal a more efficient vehicle later on for long-term use once some zombies have been killed (for food runs and such)
6 - A or B, I'm torn on this one, cause while a survival expert would help if I was stuck in the woods, Statham would be much more useful in the event of an ambush