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(01/18/2013) [-]
im sick of obamas ****. he spend this countries money on the stupidest ****. he takes money away from our military, takes away our nukes, opens this country up and invites invasion. Raises taxes on small buisiness so that a major element in our countries economy is always coming short, banning us oil companies from drilling more oil while spending your money and my money funding foriegn oil in south america and spends the blood or our troops in the middleand spending more of our money in africa while thousands of families in america are starving. Hes trying his best to ban all firearms in america, and his actions have resulted in the national ar-15 ban and the extremely high prices on the ak 47 and othe assault rifles. and the best part is, that with his sponsors control on the media, noone knows what he is doing. No one