Thinking of the Children. what good parenting XD. E File :-( 46 KB, 333x500) 33 Anonymous 03/ 17/ 09( Tue) 13: 39 Re I. sup /k/ commando's? The other day I foun thinking of the children The Game game mossberg
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Thinking of the Children

E File :-( 46 KB, 333x500)
33 Anonymous 03/ 17/ 09( Tue) 13: 39 Re I.
sup /k/ commando's? The other day I found my 11 year old son in my room playing
with my SEE! (unloaded, of course), instantly grabbed the shotgun
and with the force of a thousand furious niggers, I smacked the little fuck across
the head. Later asked him why he was playing the the gun. He said it
was because the main character in GTAIV had one and he wanted to look cool
like he does and that he thought that killing people was fun, Now of course like a
good parent I talked to him about gun safety and told him that killing someone in
the game was way different than killing someone in real life. I knew he didn' t get it
so I sat him down in front of the computer. I then began showing him images of
people who had been killed with guns. For most of the images hearst looked at
the screen in horror, kind of like when you first find your parents fucking in your
room. Events ally he began telling me that he felt sick and that he didn' t want to
see anymore. Just to make sure that he got it, I played the "Dagestan Massacre"
video, the one where those six Russian soldiers are beheaded. He looked away nearly comiting. I tried to
make him watch but hearst tightly closed his eyes, so I turned up the volume so he could hear the men
gasping for air through their slit thoughts. My son, like the cunt he is, puked and began crying. I knew
was done. I now know that the next time he plays GTA that he wont think killing is cool and that guns make
you into a badass. I also know that the sounds of a pig squealing will trigger the memories of those men
gasping for air, Man, I feel like a great father. So /k/ commando's, my question to you is: is facial camo
available for regular US riflemen? Or is itjust OPERATORS that use it?
Thinking of the children
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