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(01/14/2013) [-]
as long as there are different cultures that believe in different things, world peace cannot be achieved. someone will always fight someone else because they don't believe the same thing. human nature however, even still prevents peace with our greed and lust for more (insert whatever we as humans desire here).
#52 to #44 - anon id: ade383d7
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not true the main issue here the mentally who is right baout x kind of think isntead respect them for they think we have issue with epopel shout at each other over such simple things like spelling so until we understan d we are not all th same soem have better soem have it worse tbut to treat each other diffrently due what background they come from is the main issue here but alsa i will ahve some dud only look at th e spelling and grammar of these and say your an isiot or should i say you're peopel are too petty is my point