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User avatar #11 - recoveryone (01/13/2013) [-]
You have to be 17 to enlist in the military(united states), and even that's only with parental consent. 18 without it. But, if you do get parental consent, you can to basic training the summer of your High School Junior year. That's only National Guard and Air National Guard though.
User avatar #12 to #11 - recoveryone (01/13/2013) [-]
I mean, **** OP, if you're going to insult a country, at least get your fact straight first.
#25 to #12 - warlordtitan (01/14/2013) [-]
maybe not the country you were thinking about (big flaw is he didn't mention what country (although he probably meant america))
User avatar #32 to #25 - recoveryone (01/14/2013) [-]
Look at the tags.
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