That Girl. Just postin some more fail, don't mind me (: Thumb up or down. I love you no matter what. Angie chours age ' lg i just gem let this get cum my chest.

That Girl

Just postin some more fail, don't mind me (:
Thumb up or down. I love you no matter what

chours age ' lg
i just gem let this get cum my chest.. U know weit really grinds my gears?"
when girls [ages ) get into a releationship, gees single.. waits he 3 days er a week.. then gees
back into a relationship with a different persin.. then gees back to being single.. like kids weit r U doing?
when i was Ur age the only thing that changed, was the be channels when i was bared.. make up Ur
damn mind already.. sick of seeing arguments between U and Ur exes an Ur damn status.. Ur
Ur suppose to be changing diapers an Ur lil bro pr sis not changing Ur releationship status... well thanks
far listening.
Got Engaged
sleep flcw.. laying down sleeping and dreaming 000012 me and my ,
winged demon Matt i wish we were sleeping chaser together but
in C) Llt' dreams we can make it whatever we want.. well goodnight
my lovely winged demon and may we sleep perfect tonight lance I Angie lit) Q Q
mare July l, 5: ' Like
July 23, 2011 it
cant handle this ****** stress and **** i done did my part i left it too depressed do should gt. hack to bein
mane apoligized and left my mark welps new its time far my dead and a Inner a cutter
aster cryin 2 begin i couldnt eat my that 5200 new ima cry
myself until my eyes bleed it seems nothin i do make **** right
Like ' Cei: -mment
In a Relationship In a Relationship
November ll, 2011 December IL
Like . Comment
November 26, 2011 near
just ante I wish to have 50010000 make me feel like a
i hate guys... i ******* hate them all.. they can burn in hell.. making princess, not cheat an me, he by me or dump me. I need for
hope LI ******* happy.. like i said burn in hell.. ive been completely me E E; t U to me can 5 all me Commitment. I an
****** hell... with. I want 50010000 to defend me when ever ****
to me and drama waives with me, not nojust leave me by
myself and end Up fighting **** alone.
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User avatar #2 - turian (01/13/2013) [-]
"she" has a mustache...
User avatar #1 - allisonfirex (01/13/2013) [-]
also goes to show that you don't know what goes through a persons' life til' you go through the experiences yourself.
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