chewie the wook. 110% stolen from some site.. yo tovarishch! do you have it wallpaper size? bring me solo
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#1 - whydoniggers
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(01/12/2013) [-]
yo tovarishch! do you have it wallpaper size?
#2 to #1 - tovarishch
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(01/13/2013) [-]
I beg your pardon? Not sure what you mean there...
#3 to #2 - whydoniggers
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(01/14/2013) [-]
sorry! not you! but maybe you can help comrade
#4 to #3 - tovarishch
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(01/14/2013) [-]
My apologies comrade, our region has not received ours yet from High Command. However, a most progressive option is availed to us all! Upload the picture to Glorious Search Engine of the Proletariat "Tineye" which is sure to surpass picture-finding quota in this five-year plan, as it did the last. Glory to the worker!