Military Feels. (read Description). http://www .candgnews. com/news/soldier-back-home-after-coming- under-attack-overseas Soldier back home after coming under a Heros in my eyes
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Military Feels. (read Description)

http://www .candgnews. com/news/soldier-back-home-after-coming- under-attack-overseas

Soldier back home after coming under attack overseas

This is my brother in laws leader, my brother in law is Jason White, he was also there, he suffered from a broken back and brain trama. This guy, Patrick, saved my brother in laws life.. I nearly cried reading this.. Tackett and my brother in law Jason served together in Iraq, and re-inlisted together after they returned home.. Actually a few of the guys from his troop in Iraq re-inlisted together.. Tackett is a super amazing guy, he took the blunt of the hit, my brother in law took the second worst, but was in the most critical condition afterword, so he was flown home around a week or 2 after the attack, he stayed with my sister at Walter Reed hospital in DC for around 3 months, and after they returned, my sister told everyone she was pregnant, and since then her and her husband Jason have been so blessed with random acts of kindness and support, they've gotten thousands in gifts and things in thanks for what he sacrficed.. Patrick on the other hand, hasn't been home for long, and hasn't gotten as much as my brother in law and sister. Give him some support by reading this!

(note, they both returned fire and ran around lugging other injured soliders to safety with broken backs and brain trama) these guys, all of them, deserve to be known!

My brother in law is the one in the middle, with lighter uniform.

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#2 - anonymous (01/11/2013) [+] (2 replies)
All clearthinking people see, is a bunch of emptyheaded massmurderers who follow orders of backward terrorist "leaders".
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I don't know if I should give it a +thumb or not.. I don't want to find this funny, people would think I'm a maniac.
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