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#1278 - frysfrys (01/12/2013) [-]
Yeah, like they'll allow some under-aged loser to go into Space. This contest is for people that actually deserve to go into space. Not for people that are desperate for e-fame. Loser.
User avatar #1291 to #1278 - iamwilldabeast (01/12/2013) [-]
I've said this numerous times on this content but it's ok it's undersandable that some people miss it, i'm actually 18 and currently training in a police foundations program. I realise the training will be vastly difficult but i'll give it my best shot, and as for deserving to go to space, it IS something i've always wanted, i'm just glad i've had funnyjunks help.
User avatar #1298 to #1291 - frysfrys (01/12/2013) [-]
I apologize for calling you a loser. It's the internet and it's hard to actually believe someone but for some reason, and the fact that you even commented, I do believe you. Good luck.
User avatar #1299 to #1298 - iamwilldabeast (01/12/2013) [-]
Hey no problem man, i fully expected a lot of people to hate me for this, but it's always been my dream you know? And as for the Banana suit, i know it's definitely one of the most faggy things i've ever done but i needed to get noticed. I just hope i can do this.
User avatar #1284 to #1278 - everheat (01/12/2013) [-]
'Deserve' to go to SPACE? I don't think there's any qualifications for that... Either you get to go, or you don't, it all depends on your enthusiasm about it.
User avatar #1285 to #1284 - frysfrys (01/12/2013) [-]
OP REALLY wants to go to space because he wants to show how loyal he is to funnyjunk. A little pathetic right? But the sad thing is, he probably won't make it through all the standard tests to allow him into space.
User avatar #1286 to #1285 - everheat (01/12/2013) [-]
Yeah it is kindof pathetic, but the people have spoken. The majority of fj apparently wants him to.
User avatar #1287 to #1286 - frysfrys (01/12/2013) [-]
>majority of FJ

Oh, you mean the uneducated 13 year old's?
User avatar #1288 to #1287 - everheat (01/12/2013) [-]
Sorry, wrong choice of words. And how would you know they're all that? It's not like there's an age statistic of people in fj.
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