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#71 - biggrand (01/11/2013) [-]
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anyone here listen to any "extreme metal" bands other than dethklok and amon amarth?
User avatar #99 to #71 - Pestilence (01/11/2013) [-]
Lately I've been listening to Katatonia, Opeth, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Agalloch, Gojira, Vildjharta, Woods of Ypres, and lots of others.

Name related.
#95 to #71 - MrDarkEddy (01/11/2013) [-]
nice, plastic beach love the Gorillaz.
but one thing
they aren't in metal genre .-.
#88 to #71 - shugudugs (01/11/2013) [-]
is Gojira extreme? I mostly listen to progmetals and some tolerable metalcores, also some death metal, not those deathcore stuff though, also some djent.
Anyways, metal **** yeah!
User avatar #83 to #71 - celticviking (01/11/2013) [-]
User avatar #85 to #83 - biggrand (01/11/2013) [-]
opinions on blood mountain? it's my favorite tied with crack the skyy, but it seems to be their lowest rated as a whole which surprises me
#77 to #71 - vynx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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