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#44 - lordzixx
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(01/11/2013) [-]
My friend is possibly the worst person to get high with, his paranoia sky rockets to pain in the ass. If we are walking somewhere in town, the destination may be a few minutes away, he'll tell me to walk a little faster. We were watching a movie one time, sitting in the theater about half an hour before the previews even started the room was empty, and he leans and tells me to go to the bathroom. I tell him to **** off because I'm not 7 and he's not my mom. So he types onto his phone "You can't control the smell of your hands". So he was telling me to go to the washroom to wash my hands so they won't smell like the joint we just smoked. I told him to **** off because a) My hands were doused in popcorn butter so they smelled nothing but of obesity b) Nobody is going around, smelling my hands, going to penalize me because of some stupid ass suspicion and c) I do not give a ****