Google needs to add this. OC. Google Translate From: woman r ttr To: English -r English Spanish French Detect language Type text in fl website address er transl Google needs to add this OC Translate From: woman r ttr To: English -r Spanish French Detect language Type text in fl website address er transl
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User avatar #2 - codyxvasco
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(01/09/2013) [-]

"I guess I'll order that".


"No! You ******* asshole, you think I want to order the ******* wonton soup? What the ****! If you wanted an Asian girlfriend why don't you **** Lisa? OH I'M SORRY YOU ALREADY DID! What the **** do you even see in her? I can tell you what she sees in you! two little slits of your ass! You think she loved you for your brains? Too bad you don't have any! I can't believe you dated her before me! You want me to go all ching-chong on you? Is that your fetish? Is that why you're force feeding me this stupid crap from Olive Garden?! Honestly! This was the best you could do??? I would have preferred Chuck E. Cheese over this ****** rat hole! OOOH FREE BREADSTICKS HOW ******* TASTY! Ugh, It's like you're trying to get me to leave you. You just want to leave so you can go play ******* Call of Duty because that's all you do when you're home from work. Which -by the way- Isn't going to make enough money to support our little relationship that probably means nothing to you. I can't work, I'm too busy being a HOMEMAKER. We'd be in a ******* demolished shack if it wasn't for me cooking and cleaning, and you just think that because you work for a few hours every day you're exempt from actually doing some housework. Take a ******* second job if you want to actually help us! There's no freaking way we'll even have a kid at this rate, you'll never be home to take care of him, he'll just be here only knowing me at home. You'd make a terrible father, I bet you'd hit him like you hit me in the stomach because I was "choking". Then you lied and tried to pass it off as the "Heilreich manuvuer", because saying it was some Nazi **** was so much better, I called the cops on you and they did nothing. So I'm stuck here with an abusive waste of space. You know what? When dinner's over, I'm leaving you, taking the dog, (That I have to walk when you're "working") and living with my parents and getting away from you! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!
User avatar #1 - LookinHereWhy
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(01/09/2013) [-]
Knowing Google Translate as is, it would probably translate Nothing's wrong. as There is no problem.