RageJunk. Inbound 4 . Don veno mandy Ryan P creation thegreat Byron, The Triumphant Resolved Question Show me another ' How come evolution is still taught in sc rage Bible Religion cult
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RageJunk. Inbound 4 . Don veno mandy Ryan P creation thegreat Byron, The Triumphant Resolved Question Show me another ' How come evolution is still taught in sc

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Don veno
Ryan P
Byron, The
Resolved Question Show me another '
How come evolution is still taught in schools and in
the media?
Evolution has been woven to be impossible, absurd and totally unseen% c t requires
an incredible faith to believe in it The fossils rather than proving that evolution
happened it never happened i realize that in many books there are pictures
mocreatures that they think have existed but they never found the evidence The
teaching or evolution has been behind the biggest wars and massacres we have
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How to explain evolution to a young and confused
iditor high school students Right now, i am helping a an grader in biology, and the
class is studying evolution The boy i am helping comes from religious family,
and he takes almost everything in the bible literally He is very confused about
evolution and almost refuses to study it He keeps telling me that he wont waste his
time learning about something that is rake i am getting really frustrated, because if he
wont study evolution, he rails the class, and it is to help him succeed Does
anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation? Do you think his teacher
might excuse him from the subject ill explain the situations
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What physical evidence makes the theory of evolution
a fact?
Ne heard many times evolutionists the theory or evolution is afect This
despite the fact no one see' s a species turning into adifferent species
What physical evidence makes the theory or evolution a ram Forget the fossil record,
it is so Tull or missing links it makes a zen garden look crowded
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inthe Bible is more scen% cally actuate and evolution doesnt have one proof or
evidence then why are we still teaching evolution as raw Most ortho scientist today
do not believe evolution is afect However a nice theory into science
anymore rather it' s more science nation than anything The question is Knowing
exploded into everything we see today, then where dd nothing come from and why
would it decide to explode? Please explain
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is this the foundation of evolution
i evolved from nothing into an exploding rock
revolved from a cooled rock into a cell
i evolved from that cell into a monkey man
ill look up my name on ancestoring will it say
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Why is evolution generally accepted more than
creationism in schools nowadays?
Evolution is only atheos Why is it suddenly more accepted than creationism Why
does a nation (um who is largely Christian allow this?
You can hide behind you "science" all you want it' s not going to protect you from the
How convenient that only atheists/ evolutionists have answered this question so Tar
The next one is from at question AND some of the "answers":
Ty B
Lucas C
There' s a long plea for him to listen to his explanation and reasoning! cut out in the middle here...
Doc Jay
Resolved Question
How do I debate against my teacher about evolution?
in my biology class, we' re learning about evolution and darwinism, i am very Christian
and dont believe in any outhit stun laas wandering ifyou have any good points or
facts to give me to help argue with him about all that stun He sad tomorrow we can
have aclysm 'debate' about it Any and all tips are appreciated
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Best Answer- Chosen brisker
Hello Ty,
You' re probably not going to like what i have to say, but please read it through to the
end i promise not to insult you
ETA Doc Jay makes the common Creationist mistake the meow or
Evolution with the Big Bang meow They are not the same They arent in the same
held or science, and they arent meant to explain the same phenomena The only thing
they have in common is that Creationists Mien dislike them both because they
contradict a literal interpretation is that really agood basis
scen% c theories that have been developed by experts mordecade alter
Doc Jay also resorts to placing too much emphasis on what we dont yet know We
dont KNOW or any other planet that contains liquid water, therefore there ARE no other
planets liquid water Given the immense size ortho universe, does that
seem like a ran conclusion to make?
Furthermore, Doc Jay provides blatant misinformation He (Tm assuming Doc Jay is
male) says that we dont see evolution in action, and weve never seen a' carcass' ltry
which i assume he means in the midst or evolving Both statements are raise
A moment‘: research would provide you with a lengthy list "transitional
fossils", or "carcasses" [or even 'carcasses', if spelling matters to you)
Ty, in the spirit or being helpful, please dont use Doc lays comments in if
is knowledgeable at all about evolution, these 'arguments' will be quickly
and soundly defeated
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You (mint really help me that much, but you had some good points Hound some really
good arguments on the Internet (by the way, i won, he (mint have any comeback's the
facts i had i
P s You sad "evolution is a Tact, and the meow or Evolution is
yourself anymore
Try not to contradict
And then the response talking about
lam also and every evolutionist cannot explain where the origin Lillie
came use this explosing like "the big bang' dont create order like everone says,
Ma species in the process or evolution The possibility or
happening perfectly is to one We are the only planet in This universe so Tar
that has a hydrogen and oxygen makes water We are only
planet that is placed at the per% constance from the sun one degree forward or
backwards we would burn up or freeze i hope these are good pointers
P s Just pray for your teacher,
bible and my with
l be 3 we ll: Reprint Abuse
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Thanks wwill check out those videos later Again, asked this question to show people
that we are this way because we are perfectly and beautifully made All the animals or
the earth were made perfectly They cant see the Designers work in themselves mat
scares me
show me another. 1
they create disorder Why are species still not evolving and why cant we hnd evidence
Mom The
Baptist t
Law Andi
Free minke:
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How early .
Should it be banned from all schools? mat way, students will be legal
adults by the time they start being taught evolution
evolution forced onto pub
How long do you wink it would take for evolution to die out if nobody was allowed to
learn about it until they were or adult age?
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Evolu n?
bad teachers and schools, what makes people embrace evolution when
there is no scen% c one species ever evovled into adifferent species No
fossils exist to demonstrate it as a valid theory
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Wow, such rubbish volution is not growing a longer nose, it is one species evoking
into another and ohms there are no fossil records, just a new specie's snowing up
Why do peoplethat assume it is a t is a science wing
To those that like to call names Instead or sticking to facts l have no use for you, you
are woven products or public education To those that question, i have a PhD in
forensic anthropology, geology, and masters in Biology A Doctor or "Philosophy"
Degree will get you atacked on the subway in this held Please review before
you spout on about something you know nothing about wanting something to be is
not the same as what is or is not Evolution has not been proved - ever, even Darwin
admitted that much mere are not enough years in the nastoy ortho world for the
mutations you cite to have taken place The missing links are Just that- missing We
have before, we have alter What happened to the in between No cats, cats No dogs,
dogs Surely something that had traits or one would be round, some horse dog, some
reptile cat, some proof Nothing folks, nothing All we have proctor's sudden
apperances - ask yourself why without attacking Christians
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And his response tome highest rated answer...
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To those that study the held there is less proof or evolution than there is ' s hand
Evolution is pure rubbish that is being discredited more and more each day Even ifyou
dont believe in God (sad), you have toned another answer besides evolution or you are
Intellectually corrupt
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How is evolution any more logical than creationism?
i noticed a question about creationism in schools and decided to ask my own
lets analyze Evolution so we started outwith nothing And then nothing exploded
and made something? Really doesnt make sense
mere is motion in the world and everything is moved by something else How was the
nast wing moved? God possibley
The human body is so precise and pefrect dothat every system works perfectly (from
atoms to ) t seems odd that all have Just happened by
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
Evolution is for grownups
Actually, evolution is a religion, and the denomination is secular humanism All you
have to doto see this is go to Richard Dawkins WM page and read a little
As the religion orbicular humanism, evolution is as old as the original lie told in the
Garden or Eden we shall be as gods l’
Evolutionists live in iworld They deny that God exists, and what that
allows themoo do is ignore his laws
it' s kind colike the childhood stow arme Rings New Clothes; they see themselves as
Intelligent and fashionable, when in reality the/ re naked and without excuse before
God (See Romans 1 razor
i believe this sad situation started in America underlie guise or "freedom"
The ONLY real freedom that exists is the freedom to love and serve God
http //wwy answersingenesis / 263
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Resolved Question Show me another '
Should the re Igloo of evolution be labeled a cult?
i think it should Many people dont dare speak against it for rear or being called 'ante
intellectual" Cults usually dont want people asking too many questions A cult will
you if you ask too many questions if a teacher asks too many
questions about evolution or rejects it, they gmanred (excommunicated) tthink
evolution is one ortho biggest brainwashing religions to ever exist so shouldnt it be
labeled a cult?
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Resolved Question Show me another '
T guy at my church said he be ved in evolution
last weekend and is engaged to one of our women?
People tnod to convince him from scripture that evolution is against the Bible but he
thinks it ism Should we tell this woman to break up with hima He doesnt seem like a
true believe: even though he sad he believes in God and the commandments
in months -on
Resolved Question Show me another '
who not teach Creation Science alongside Evolution
and let the kids dec ?
What are atheists so afraid on mat people might learn the Word and realize
Evolution is a lie?
show me another '
Resolved Question
What is the sad connection between evolution and
school lence?
http // mail live com/ maia
whatdoes evolution say to the conscience person?
Does it rob their inborn hope?
How can you help your children?
Chosen brisker
Great questioning evolution does a number nothings hm, it tells the children that
whateverman bible says isjust a stow we did NOT start out in the Garden or Edam we
started out as some microscopic single cell creature in the ocean from
somewhere, Ne never been told where, and "evolved" into some sort orland animal,
then mammal, then ape creature to what we are today in otherwords, we are no
different then a monkey or any other animal so if you put two and two together, all
animals have a soul, or non, Including man have no souls at all the bible teaches us
that God made us, loves us, and has a purpose for us but inthe bible is presented as
rust a book Miles, then we are Just acustic accident and it matters not WWY live, or
die the cosmos keeps going eitherway and who cares evolution is a science or
hopelessness that tries to prove that we are nothing but a random freak
accident and the Word or our Lord is mocked and looked on as silliness and all hope
is lost all relationships with the One who made us and loves us is gone and onetrue
purpose in lire is its sad, but we are now subbing the consequences or
generations or kids who have been spoon red this nonsense, and we wondershy the
anger why the violence why the disrespect that we see now in men and
edit reason's schools have always been violent?! back in the 505 and bus,
teachers haled out a survey asking what the main source or misbehavior was most
sad things like talking in class, chewing gum, not raising their hands before
speaking at my school in the early ans they had a shooting club my school had an
inside we range and you could take school and practice try that now
days now we are wondering where and when the next Columbine will happen its
progress's getting worse
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Excellent answerd i can always count on you to answering the perspective oftruth,
godliness and a pure consciences
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