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User avatar #42 - aussiepridevil (01/08/2013) [-]
if they stopped making the ******* rambo style FPS i would by there games, but if they were to attempt a re-do of the game it would be treyarch because we all know infinity ward sticks to the rails. hard. treyarch at leats tries some innovation in their game, but i imagine the people who hold COD IP pull treyarch's reins and stops them from doing something ******* good with call of duty.

we really need to see a call of duty where if you die you spawn back in as another guy it's not just "you dead respawn at last checkpoint and go forth again being really bullet spongey"

also i think we need to re-visit vietnam black ops did not do nam justice, as well as doing away with the ******* linear level design, i remember the original COD having objectives you could approach in a few different ways like taking mamev kurgan or assualting red square in a T-34 it was always half-linear but if you died you didnt think " **** better bum rush the objective again until i get it right" you actually had other ways to complete the mission.
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