RG3 stahp. for all you football fans out there.. russel wilson went to our rival school Collegiate high school in richmond, va so i wanted the seahawks to win
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RG3 stahp

for all you football fans out there

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Submitted: 01/07/2013
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User avatar #2 - Kelech (01/07/2013) [+] (7 replies)
i laughed hysterically at this point yelling " NOT SO EASY NOW IS IT YOU STUPID ARROGANT **** ?!?!"
#7 to #2 - deezknuts (01/07/2013) [-]
he's really not that arrogant. he's actually kind of a good guy greg, he just wants publicity so that he could give the redskins hope and ensure that his team will trust him more. His work ethic is a lot different than that of Cam Newton. When Cam Newton loses, he gets all pissy and cries like a bitch because Cam Newton has ego issues. When RG3 loses, he just sucks it up and sometimes wins 7 straight to get his team into the playoffs (usually a good way to handle things)

< now this asshole is a different story. coming into a city that desparately needed a quarterback, being really good and rallying a young team to play to their best ability and overcome the obstacles brought about by their head coach's leukemia, and the ENTIRE time he never once claims any credit for a 11-5 season. He even compliments the defense and blames himself for the mistakes the team makes (even though most of the problem with the colts are clearly because we have the ********* goddamn offensive line in the history of sports). Even when his team loses he maintains the composure and maturity of a veteran quarterback. He is a modest piece of **** that will no doubt break all kinds of records during his time in the league (and he'll probably be a big enough asshole to say "it's all because of the great organization that we have and the support that our team has been given throughout the years")

**** , i bet he even thinks that he "has room for improvement"

like he could get any better...

what a dick
#10 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/07/2013) [-]
russel wilson went to our rival school Collegiate high school in richmond, va so i wanted the seahawks to win
#3 - kelluch ONLINE (01/07/2013) [-]
that point where is knee gave out. I cringe at that. every. ******* . time.
User avatar #1 - romaniantiger (01/07/2013) [-]
this isn't facebook
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